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He fixed and went above and beyond for a painting from my childhood.  He is kind and really knows what he’s doing.

–TW, Brooklyn, NY


Andrei did a wonderful job for us, both in restoring 2 19th century paintings of ancestors, as well as stretching some paintings we purchased abroad.  Regarding the restoration of the 19th century paintings, one was torn, there were patches where the paint had chipped off, they were sagging off their stretchers, and were scratched.  His work in restoring them was meticulous.  And he cleaned them so that many details that we hadn’t even noticed in the paintings previously were now visible!  They turned out much better than we could have even imagined.

We had also purchased some paintings in Central America that we brought back rolled up in a tube.  Andrei put them into custom sized stretchers, perfectly smooth, with perfectly wrapped corners.

We had a great experience with Andrei.  He completed the job sooner than he had anticipated, and was very professional.  He takes his work seriously and we appreciated that so much.  We are so pleased with his work and would recommend him highly.  In fact, I’m planning to bring him another painting that is starting to peel and have him repair it as well.

–Alison M.


Great job in saving a very large acrylic painting that was improperly varnished.

–Kate White


Andrei literally saved 2 of my paintings life. I don’t know how he did, but he did. I now have 2 restored paintings that I will be able to enjoy (hopefully) forever. Also, he was wonderful to work with—and very fair with his pricing. I would recommend him to anyone. He’s a dedicated perfectionist and for that, I am very grateful—and lucky.

–Carrie Weinblatt, New York City

Andrei Givotovsky restored a very large acrylic painting (6 x 10 feet) on canvas for me. It needed a lining and other complicated treatments. I never thought I’d see this painting again in all its glory, but Andrei was able to do the restoration in the most professional manner and it now is wonderful. He did the work from start to finish including the framing and hanging back in its place in my house. I can only give him my highest compliments for his work.

–Elaine Blechman, Gallery Owner, Chappaqua, New York


I was very pleased with the restoration Andrei completed on my Victorian oil painting—it’s impossible to see the 3 holes in the canvas and chipped paint I had repaired. I felt the price was very fair (when I first contacted Andrei I was dubious I could afford his services or that of any other conservator). Andrei was great at communication, getting back to me right away and making it easy to find a time to drop off and pick up the painting. I also appreciated that he showed enthusiasm and appreciation for my old painting—it’s by no means great art, but of sentimental value. Andrei brings true caring to his work.

–Penelope L., Mannhattan, NY


It was a treat for us to restore a beloved oil painting found in a dusty antique store on the Cornish coast. We were surprised by how much it cost, but we’re really happy with the outcome & so glad we did it! Andrei was nice doing business with.

–Sarah S.


We are so thrilled with the lovely restoration you did on the painting-we have it hung on the wall already and are very pleased with the work you did. Thank-you so very much!

–Stephen C. Midouhas AIA, Midouhas Architecture

Excellent work, timely. Highly recommend.

–Susan Moore


I can not be happier than the day I saw my large oil painting restored to its original state. The quality of his workmanship is superior. I made the right and best choice.

–Theda Palmer Saxton


Andrei did a great job on a 19th century painting that I bought inexpensively on ebay. He repaired the scratches, brought the painting itself “back to life” with coats of varnish, and even repaired the antique frame so that it didn’t warp. It looks much better and made a big difference.

–David Hariton


I had a very large and seriously damaged painting with several tears in it. Andrei did a magnificent job of repairing it and restoring it to its original condition. The results were far better than I could have imagined.

–Roger Pellegrini

On at least two occasions I have called upon the services of Andrei – presenting him each time with portraits that common sense should have told me to throw away – and each time Andrei lovingly restored and repaired with such flawless attention and artistry, both are now displayed prominently in my home. He is courteous, professional and reasonably priced but above all else, he is a true artist. I can highly recommend him.

–Maryellen Goodman, New York City

My experience with Andrei Givotovsky was amazing! I was very concerned with my 1946 portrait in oil which required some major restoration, including paint and stretcher plus relining!! The work done is of the highest quality, and the final piece is beyond my expectations! I can be confident in recommending him for any and all fine art restorations!!

–James Hanson

My father left me a mural which had hung on the wall of his mid-Manhattan restaurant until it closed in the 1980’s. The mural was painted on canvas and had been exposed to smoke for many years. It had also been stored unprofessionally – rolled up in our basement where it lay for a couple of decades.

When I took it to Andrei, I really didn’t know what to expect. I immediately liked his non-intrusive approach to restoration…The colors are now bright and clean. The mold has been removed and the paint is even. Andrei had the mural installed by an expert, and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. It really looks great on my wall!

–Claude Desgigot

Andrei is the man for any art restoration. I had an old painting I had accidentally damaged and he totally repaired and at the same time he made a few other fixes and the painting looks amazing! Plus he’s a super nice guy and in the best neighborhood, Soho!

–Nick D.